Best Ways to Adopt Pantone’s 2018 Color of The Year in Décor

Colorful Painting Wooden Chairs Violet Upholstery Round Dining Table Dinnerware Chandelier Patterned Wallpaper White Round Rug

The new color of the year from Pantone is said to be ultraviolet. It is considered to be a decent tone with cheerful, mood-raising, and bold characteristics for any interior decoration. It can be easily incorporated into various styles of internal honor to come to the first appeal at the end. It is essential to keep in mind that using ultraviolet in interior décor should not be excessive. The main thing is that using too much color without adding others will be so annoying, right? So, consider going for the best ways in using ultraviolet in interior décor for the best outcome.

Creating a focal point in the form of a base of the wall is a way to do it right. A Violet can be helpful in enhancing a wall to be the focal point in any room. Each room from the bedroom, living room, kitchen, home office, to the bathroom can have a purple base wall in it. Other things to add will have to be following the violet statement wall for sure. Seamless décor of a home office could include a violet floating desk alongside golden chair that will define glam and elegance at the same time.

Another way to perfectly enhance statement wall in violet is to add white to the decoration. White faux fur area rug alongside white wooden door can accentuate and calm down the vibrant tone of violet. Furthermore, it is also a great idea to go for various shades of violet within any interior decoration with the purpose of eliminating boring accent in it. The brighter violet shade of a sofa along with darker violet shade for the pillows will be lovely in a violet themed decoration of a living room.

Furthermore, violet can also be used aside from being statement wall color. Choosing furniture and any additional decors in violet while the background of the decor is in other tones will be sweet at the end. It is an excellent solution for those who do not want the decoration to be looking too purple. A small bookcase with glass in violet will be a great accent in the bright all-white room. In a living room, the sofa can be the one in violet while there will be no more violet shades within the chamber. Surprisingly, violet can be the finish of a vintage style cupboard to further enhance the interior decoration in any room.

Soft Violet Wall Wooden Floor Emerald Cabinet Golden Chairs Violet Upholstery Square Patterned Rug Framed Wall Artwork Violet Curtain

Violet Rounded Sofa White Fur Upholstered Table Patterned Rug Green Curtains Round Ceiling Lamp Wall Decorative Artworks Black Framed Doors

Red Wooden Chair Dark Grey Tile Violet Tablecloth Leopard Patterned Pillows Golden Metal Floor Lamp Chandeluer White Flowers Framed Wall Artworks Dinnerware White Upholstered Chair Violet Windows

Round Faux Fur Rug Grey Wooden Chairs Violet Upholstery Round Wooden Table Glass Top White Dinnerware Large Round Violet Ceiling Lamp Brown Curtains

Violet Wooden Floating Shelves Floating Desk Laptop Metal Chair Gold Pillow Books Wooden Floor Herringbone Pattern Golden Cups Black Bear Sculp

Wooden Rustic Violet Cabinet Glass Door White Dinnerwarre Clear Bottles Large Clear Glass Vase Flowers

Crystal Chandelier Wooden Floor White Rug Wooden Chair Wooden Cabinet Books Purple Curtin White Door Framed Picturewhite Toilet Purple Wall

Marble Fireplace Round Table Orange Flowers Large Glass Vase Violet Rug White Sofa Purple Pillows Patterned Chairs Patterned Curtains

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