Beauty over Minimalist Design of Cove Kitchen Island

Cove Kitchen Island By Zaha Hadid Black Interior Finish White Finish

Amidst the many items that can be incorporated to beautify any interior space, there are certain items for the kitchen. Well, the kitchen may not be a popular space where many homeowners are paying attention to its appeal. It is important to have a well-designed and well-decorated kitchen to maximize its function as well as its appeal. Kitchen Island is a furniture item for a kitchen that will be both functional as well as decorative. It means that a kitchen island will not just serve its main practical function but also give a decent boost to the décor of the kitchen.

A decent choice of Kitchen Island to buy today is the one designed by Zaha Hadid Design called Cove. It is a simple kitchen island in term of its design in which it displays the famous signature lines of Zaha Hadid Design. The minimalist appeal of this free standing kitchen island is highly beautiful and enjoyable. The fact that it has a minimalist design means that it will be perfect to be combined with the minimalist modern style of kitchen décor. Harmony of design can be seen there clearly in fluid geometric lines all over its build.

This Cove by Zaha Hadid Design comes in a different sizes that can be considered according to the need of such thing. It has an iconic curved countertop in large size along with a hollow opening right at the front section of it. The opening at the front is highly spacious that could be the place to store many items needed for prepping foods and meals in the kitchen. Main features that should be in a kitchen are all integrated into this island. Thus there are drawers, cabinets, and sink that makes this island is a decent choice for other available options.

More importantly, this Cove kitchen can be customized to meet specific demands and requirements according to its owners’ needs of this item. In term of the materials used in the build of this kitchen, there are several options to choose as well. Natural stone in hand finish, as well as high-performance Corian and carefully selected woods, are all available to choose. Black and white shades of marble, stone, and simply glossy finish can be selected as well when opting for this kitchen island.

Cove Kitchen Island By Zaha Hadid White Finish Customized Specifications

Cove Kitchen Island By Zaha Hadid Seamless Drawers And Cabinets White Finish

Cov Kitchen Island By Zaha Hadid Rounded Edge White Finish

Cove Kitchen Island By Zaha Hadid Black Interior Finish White Finish

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Cove Kitchen Island By Zaha Hadid Black Tap White Finish Black Interior Minimalist Design

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