An Inspiring Vintage Barcelona Loft

A Kitchen With White Brick Walls And White Cabinets In Wooden Floor

Hello pals! Are you looking for some ideas of home decor? Some of you may be never think about decorating loft. Yet, loft sometimes can be a space which is functional and make your house more interesting. In this high time, I would like to share about a Barcelona loft which may inspire you. The Interior designer Marta Catellano and architecture studio Serrat-Tort give their creativity to inject personality and charm while retaining the original industrial appeal of this Barcelona loft. Wanna see more of this Barcelona loft? Let’s have a look at it!

This space is built as an open plan that exposed brick lined loft in Barcelona. The interior designer, Marta Castello, choose to make the original herringbone timber floor of this space in whitewashed. This decision has an aim to create a sense of cohesion across the varied timber floor surfaces throughout.

The other space throughout the interior which is washed in white paint is the brickwork. If you see the sunroom which leads you to the open plan living and dining room, you may see the natural red brick that fill the spaces. Such a decor will give the space the warm fell and attractive look all over the spaces. It will grab everyone’s attention for sure.

Beside red brick, another material which is used is fabrics. Fabrics are also used in the space in order to gain great effect to create a sense of warmth and intimacy. Beside, fabrics also help to soften the industrial scheme of the space.

There is no space which does not need any lighting. So does this space. Lighting in this space further interest together with an added layer of dimension and texture throughout the entire interior scheme.

The master bedroom can be the most favorite space in this home. This kind of bedroom is done in white color with a whitewashed brick wall. This kind of interior really make a comfort and attractive bedroom. In order to keep privacy, the arched windows of the space is completed with curtains. It is actually necessary when your bathtub is right here in the bedroom and it placed next to the window.

This is one of the hottest trends in decoration nowadays. It looks very bold and attractive. In the master bedroom, there are a modern bed, a free-standing tub, wooden furniture, and a large vintage mirror. There is also an additional powder room which is located next to the bedroom.

A Grey Bed With Pillows In The Same Shade Placed On A Bed Frame With A Bookshelf Full Of Books

A Big White Bed With Grey Pillows And Blanket Is Placed In White Room With Wooden Floor

A White Vanity With Mirror And White Sink Placed In A Corner With White Brick Walls

A Wooden Dining Table With Some Blue Cups And A Vase Of Greenery On It Paired With Some White Chairs, And There Is Two Attractive Pendant Lamps Over The Table

A Kitchen With White Rustic Furniture With Some Pots Of Greenery On The Shelf Above The Kitchen Island With Black Stools

A Kitchen With White Brick Walls And White Cabinets In Wooden Floor

A White Bathtub With A Wooden Stool Near It Placed By The Window Beside A White Bed With Grey Blanket

A Wooden Dining Table With Some Blue Cups And A Vase Of Greenery On It Paired With Some White Chairs

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