An Inspiring Moody Kitchen

A Dark Kitchen Island With Two Pendant Lamps Over It In A Dark Kitchen

Moody spaces sometimes avoided by some people because it is dark and give a look that the space is small. Yet, moody spaces are among the hottest decor in this time. Although moody space give a look of small spaces, but many people still love it. Moody feel can be applied in many spaces such as kitchen, bedroom, living room, and many others. In this great time, I would like to talk about moody kitchen that may inspire you. This moody kitchen was created by British kitchen designers from deVOL for Petersham cottage. The space is very fabulous and outstanding. The choice of color and the furniture is really inspiring. Such a choice make this moody kitchen is not look small but make it more outstanding and fabulous. Do you want to see it closer? Let’s have a look at it and get amazed!

A moody space is related to dark color and shades. So does this kitchen we are talking about now. This space features vintage black cabinets with brass handles. Such a good idea can give a chic and refined look to the kitchen. The floor is full covered with limestone in warm color. There are wooden beams which are added on the ceiling in order to five a comfort feel inside the dark space. As well as the floor, the countertops also made with wood in warm color. There are shelves that are placed over the countertops and they are done in warm-colored wood also. Wood is really helpful to add comfort and interesting point in a moody space which is usually done in dark color.

Let’s see closer of the interior! A vintage cooker and some scale are added to the space. This idea is done in order to highlight the vintage view of the space. There is a kitchen island that make the kitchen complete. The kitchen island features open storage. The pendant lamps over the kitchen island help to highlight the look of it. Several accessories which are done in brass are added to the space to make an interesting look. There are also some of wood to tie up the space and make it more solid. The designers found a perfect balance in the collaboration of dark cabinets and wooden countertops and accessories in warm color. This collaboration make the space more outstanding and the result of the collaboration is polished and very chic.

A Dark Kitchen Island With Two Pendant Lamps Over It In A Dark Kitchen With Dark Kitchen Cabinets

A Dark Kitchen Island With Two Pendant Lamps Over It In A Dark Kitchen

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