An Apartment with Barcelona Views

A Kitchen Island Facing A Mirror Pillar

Hi fellas! Are you looking for some inspiration of a dwelling? Do you want some other ideas about apartment? Today, I am going to talk about another topic about apartment. This apartment is unique and different from the other apartment that we have talked about. Wanna know more about it? Let’s have a look at it!

This apartment is located in the center of Barcelona. It was renovated by Nook Architects. Contemporary and warm finishes are used to this building in order to highlight the original envelope, which is only improved to bring back a spirit which is more honest to the building’s tectonics and to let it to develop the standard of comfort and living style nowadays.

This kind of apartment really bring you an image of Barcelona itself, with its unique and outstanding architecture plus quirky and whimsy spaces. Now let’s see to the living room. In the living you will find the floors which are clad with fabulous geo mosaic tiles and a gorgeous original brick ceiling is also beautified the space. The windows are also left as the way they are, which highlights the charm of this building. The choice of furniture is really smart because they can bring modern look which are very comfortable. You may see modern lamps which give soft warm light to the space. In this space, you may also see an ‘invisible’ mirror pillar that make the space look bigger and more attractive.

Surprisingly, the kitchen is not separated from the living room of this building. The two spaces are separated only by a mirror pillar. There is large white kitchen island with a dark marble countertop, some sleek cabinets around and behind it. Moreover, you can find also very eye-catchy porcelain lamps over the island that have cool shapes.

Here we come to the master bedroom. This kind of space is finished with an interesting detail. It is the bathtub which is placed right next to the bed. There are no partition between the bedroom and the bathroom which separate both areas, and the shower is placed right here, too. Such an idea bring an image that this space is really private and bring maximum comfort for the owner. I bet that none of you ever think about this cool idea. There is also a storage placed in this room. The storage is featured with sleek cabinets opposite the bed.

A Kitchen With Marble Countertop, Some Pendant Lamps In Various Shapes And Colors Over It, And Long Shelves With Some Bottles

A White Bathtub And A Stool Placed Beside A Big Bed With Two White Pillows

A Room Near A Kitchen Features A Sofa With Unique Shape Cushions, Two Wooden Coffee Tables, And A Desk With A TV And Some Frames On It

There Are Many Windows On The Walls Along The Way

A White Vanity With Mirror And White Sink Near A Shower Area With Partition

A Kitchen Island Facing A Mirror Pillar

A Kitchen With Marble Countertop And Some Pendant Lamps In Various Shapes And Colors Over It

A Room Features Two Sofas With Unique Shape Cushions, Two Wooden Coffee Tables, And A Desk With A TV And Some Frames On It

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