A Lovely Modern Chic Home

A Kitchen With Wooden Floor And White Interior

Hello fellas! In this great time, I am going to talk about a home which is very lovely and fabulous. It is Noe Valley designed by Regan Baker. Everything in this home is ideally designed in harmony. The bold, broad photography art, the subtle moldings in the dining and living rooms, the mid-century furnishings, the brightness, bits of drama with color, wallpaper or black walls are loveable. Are you curious enough to see it? Let’s have a look at it!

First of all, let’s have a look at the dining room. A chic mid-century modern dining set with a wood table and chairs of wood and black leather built this kind of space. To make it more prominent and extraordinary, the carpet is green and the matching glass chandelier with the carpet is perfect added to this room. There is also a neat modern artwork that catch an eye. A black cupboard with a frosty glass doors is combined to be a storage and a space divider. Such a brilliant idea!

Next, let’s have a look at the kitchen. The modern kitchen is done in white color and is completed with sleek cabinets, open shelving and a two-level kitchen island which consists of two tops, a wooden top for a breakfast zone and a marble one for a cooking zone. There is an entrance to the garden terrace and built pallet walls to lay down modern furniture.

Now, let’s see the living room. A living room is crucial in every dwelling. It should be built as a relaxing and charming space. The living room in this home consists of a unique hexagon shaped wall with many windows makes it felt so airy and fresh. Such an area is completed with a black sofa and wooden furniture. To make space more alive, some greeneries are added to space. Some artworks are also added to give some interesting touch to space.

Here we come to the master bedroom. In this space, you will find a large artwork, a yellow upholstered bed with yellow bedspread, a comfy rug, and some books stacked right on the floor. The style of the master bedroom is minimalist, and it is done in white color. The decor is similar to the kitchen.

The simple design and the right choices of the interior make this home very fabulous and lovable. Wanna see more about this home? Let’s go down and get inspired. Enjoy!

A Wooden Dining Table With Some Vases And Wooden Black Chairs Around It Placed On A Green Rug In Front Of A White Paneled Wall With A Pic Hung On It

A Counter Table With Three Black Stools Near A Kitchen With White Furniture

A Black Sofa With Colorful Cushions And Some Fabrics, And A Wooden Table With Candles And A Vase Of Flowers On It Placed In A Room Corner With Three Big Windows

A Kitchen With Wooden Floor And White Interior

A Wooden Dining Table With Some Vases And Wooden Black Chairs Around It, And An Attractive Lamp Over It Placed On A Green Rug

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