A Dog Bed as a Focal Point in a Modern House

A Partly Black Wall With A Mountain Pattern In A Room Consists Of A Case And Some Hanging Stuffs

Hello fellas! Are you reading for some inspiring idea? This time, I would like to talk about a home with a modern style which is extraordinary and unusual. A house which we will talk about is Sheridan Residence. This two-story residence is 1.500 square meters (about 139 square feet) in measurement. Studio AC completely renovates this kind of residence. What makes it extraordinary and interesting is the fact that there is a comfy sleeping area for the dog that is used as an interior and also a focal point. Wanna know more about this place? Let’s come closer and get inspired!

This building is decorated in neutral shades and filled with natural wood. Such an idea make the spaces become look very charming and peaceful. The timber and plywood in light-colored are the chosen ones. It can give a relaxing touch to space. Contemporary style is determined to be followed by the furniture and the designs.

The architects added a unit constructed of plywood to divide the ground floor. This action was done to get some space to create a foyer, a living room, a dining area, and a kitchen that wrap around the central wooden box. Stairs can be hidden because the volume of floor to ceiling wrap the storage room. The counter level was extended out to provide kitchen workspace.

The most important thing is that the clients want there is a small house-shaped nook to be a place where Rusty, their dog, can sleep in comfort. The first idea of creating a space for the puppy appeared in a simple line in the brief. Because the area is not small, such an approach becomes very possible.

Now, let’s go to the kitchen. The kitchen is done with all-white surfaces and a high-gloss backsplash. Such a design can reflect light in the space. Therefore, the kitchen will get enough light. In the upper floor, there are two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a master bedroom with en-suite. All of those rooms are done in the white color and wooden palette that is also used for the whole house. The wall is done in white. To be matched with the wall, the staircase has whitewashed wooden steps. Wide-plank timber floors are done in a light color to perfectly blend in with the plywood. Such an idea is also important, so it will not run away from the whole house’ style.

A Kid Sit On The Pink Shade Bed In Yellow Frame Near A Big White Rabbit Doll In Front Of A Black Wall

A Black Wall Beside A Bed In Pink Shades And Some Colorful Ornaments Hung On The Wall

A Chalkboard Wall Behind A Wooden Self With Many Stuff On It

A Mint Touches From The Furniture Fill A Room With Partly Black Wall

A Partly Black Wall In A Room With Kids Sit On A White Chair And Doing Something On A Table With A Black Pillow On It

A Kid A White And Cream Bed Drawing On A Partly Chalkboard Wall

A Chalkboard Wall Beside A Leaf Patterned Bed In Wooden Frame With Colorful Pillows

A Kid Drawing On A Partly Chalkboard Wall

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