A Beautiful Apartment in Classic Swedish Style with Neutral Colors All Over It

Square White And Grey Bathroom Tile Walls Small Wooden Stool White Toilet White Vanity White Bathtub Grey Towel White Curtain

Going classic in term of interior decoration can never be wrong. Even a classic Swedish décor style can look good in a rather modern space as this apartment in Gothenburg. Overall it is flooded with light in every corner of it which will attract any Scandinavian style lover out there. The open concept of this apartment is appropriately finished in neutral shades and lots of light that is just adorable.

The entire area of this particular apartment is finished in an off-white shade. That is the main thing that brings the classic Swedish décor style into its decent start. Furthermore, the flooring is made of whitewashed wood in companion with concrete all over the space to create a strong character within the interior space. The open floor plan includes the dining space, kitchen and of course a living room. This is a kind of default way to make the most area of an apartment. That open space is nothing but bright. A comfy sofa is there in the living room along with some tables and leather chairs as well as an eye-catchy bold green TV unit. Furthermore, there are different textiles alongside a rug and a basket to complete the look of the living space.

White tiles are there covering the entire kitchen area with just a pretty simple set of white finished cabinets. Open shelving units made of metal are there as well as a pendant light above. A rustic wooden table is the show stopper in this space as a dining table with some black chairs around it for a more textural flair.

In term of the bedroom, there is the master bedroom with plenty of lights. A refined mirror and some paintings enhance the beauty of the bedroom in just a slightly different vibe than other areas of this apartment. The fabrics come with a rich textural appeal in both the bedding and the curtains to deliver such soothing atmosphere inside the bedroom. There is a kids’ room as well in this apartment with a wardrobe, a printed rug, a felt garland and some colorful artworks. A decent piece of antique tile stove can be seen there as an authentic sign of Scandinavian style apartment. Overall the entire space of this apartment is nothing but comfortable and welcoming. The idea of classic Swedish style amidst the Scandinavian style, in general, has been brought into a wonderful realization here.

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Square White And Grey Bathroom Tile Walls Small Wooden Stool White Toilet White Vanity White Bathtub Grey Towel White Curtain

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